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Singapore - Sentosa

Playground of the rich...

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Sentosa is a small gated island south of Singapore mainland. It's motto is "the state of fun" as long as you follow the sixty five million rules that accompany your every move. There are several security check points to pass through to be allowed onto this privileged part of the world. Sentosa is essentially a pleasure island for the mega rich, with maids walking dogs, kids and well anything really - all day long. Pretty much all of the landscape i.e bridges and rocks/boulders are hollow. It makes you feel like you're in the Truman show.

Most of the very large houses remain empty (however another theory is that all the maids have murdered their owners - they look like those kind of houses. Think Ex-Machina / Gone Girl). One house had been built in an Egyptian style complete with full size Anubis statues whose eyes lit up red of an evening. Someone actually built that for serious and someone actually lives there. Mind blown.


Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed the outlandish luxury it had to offer.

After a 12 hour flight (we were lucky as it was meant to be 13 hours) we arrived to hot & sweaty Singapore and headed straight to the land of nod. We made it out for an evening Christmas meal with the family which was lovely. This was on the Marina of Sentosa (again you can only access this if you have a pass card to get onto the complex - crazy!)


Saturday & Sunday we mainly relaxed around the infinity pool at the apartment. We took a walk down to the residents beach which is man made (they import the sand!) Here was the most southern tip of continental Asia. We were slack and didn't take any photos of the beach.


Monday was pretty much the same however we ventured out late afternoon / evening to Little India - an absolutely manic place! We went for a curry (how could you not?!) that were served on banana leaves - best curry Jack's ever eaten to date.

Tuesday was a trip out to Orchard Road - think Oxford Street on speed. Off the top of my head there were roughly ten very large shopping centres up and down the road, if not more. Take a wrong turn and you end up trapped in the never ending maze of yet another shopping centre. We must have spent about three hours working out how to get out of these things! Whilst on Orchard Road we booked in to see Star Wars at the Imax - EPIC!


Wednesday was another day out at Clarke Quay & China Town and Jack went on the extremely high cable car from Sentosa to the main island which halfway through actually went through a tall building!
In the evening we were treated to the night zoo / safari which in true Singapore style was packed out but we got to see everything towards the end as it quietened down.



Thursday was a much needed rest around the pool and then a New Years dinner down at the marina front, We then headed back to the apartment to play games and welcome in the new year. As it was raining we watched the fireworks from the marina and docks in the distance followed by a good 20 minutes of live bagpipe music from a man on the balcony of the apartment opposite!


Next stop Malaysia...

J & K x

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